Face Treatments

Decléor Facial Treatments

Facial And Décolletage Treatment

The treatment consists: exfoliation, cleansing, serum absorption and a clay mask
90 minutes 34 €

Facial Massage With Hand And Back Massage

The treatment consists: back, face and hand massage with a cream mask
60/90 minutit 40€/49€

Facial Cleansing With An Effect Mask

The treatment consists: exfoliation, cleansing, aromassages and an effect mask based on the skin type of your face
90 minutes 47 €

Express Facial Treatment

The treatment consists: exfoliation, aromassage and a cream mask
45 minutes 35 €

Aromessence Néroli – Moisturising Effect Treatment

The treatment consists: back massage, exfoliation, facial aromassage, classic massage, an effect mask and hand massage
90 minutes 58 €

Aromessence Harmony – For Sensitive Skin

The treatment consists: back massage, exfoliation, facial aromassage, classic massage, an effect mask and hand massage
90 minutes 58 €

Aromessence Iris – Rejuvenating Treatment

The treatment consists: back massage, exfoliation, facial aromassage, classic massage, an effect mask and hand massage
90 minutes 65 €

Aromaplasty (Muesli) Treatment – Nourishing And Moisturising Effect Treatment For All Skin Types

The treatment consists: back massage, exfoliation, facial aromassage, classic massage, an effect mask and hand massage
90 minutes 58 €

Special Treatments by Maria Galland

„Cocoon“ Mask Treatment

In the COCOON MASK TREATMENT, everything centres on well-being and relaxation. It is distinguished by beneficial massages that accompany the individual treatment steps, relax the facial features, smooth the skin and energise the connective tissue. Cleansing, an active ingredient ampoule, a face mask and a wonderfully soft foam mask – which envelops the face like a cocoon – supply the skin with highly concentrated active ingredients, giving it renewed energy and resilience and leaving it glowing with health and vitality.
90 minutes 45 €


Restoring balance to problem skin. Soothing and luxurious relief for skin imperfections. High quality new generation treatment with instant visible results. At the heart of every product is a scientific formula, a complex blend of state of the art ingredients. All the products are paraben free, parafin free and free of artificial colourings. Four solutions to four skin conditions: for impure, oily and acne skin; for irritated, red skin with symptoms of couperose; pigmentation, for discoloured, uneven tone and skin brightening; for very dry, flaky and irritated skin.
90 minutes 60 €

Thalasso Facial Care

Ideal for anyone who wants to stock up on pure well-being. The power course of treatment from the sea. An active ingredient essence specifically tailored to your skin type is applied to cleansed skin and can work to full effect under the cooling THALASSO MASK. You can choose between firming Caviar Essence; Nourishing, repairing and skin renewing Black Orchid Essence; Soothing detox effect Malachite Essence; White Truffle essnece for dry skin; purifying and brightening Silver Essence; Gold Essence to give vitality and shine to dull skin. At the same time, the effective algae mask cleanses the skin deep down and ensures highly concentrated, long-lasting hydration. Micro algae boost the metabolism and repair stressed skin.

You experience a unique feeling of invigorating freshness and beneficial relaxation. The skin is more toned and optimally moisturised. Every trace of tiredness is as if wiped away – the perfect getaway break for the skin.
90 minutes 50 €

Clarity Facial Treatment For Oily Mature Skin

Purifying anti-ageing care treatment for new skin feeling. This treatment removes excess sebum and impurities for clean and clear skin. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, firms the skin. Provides an anti-pollution action and detoxifies the skin. Meets the specific needs of combination to oily skin in terms of hydration and protection.
45 minutes 40 €

90 minutes 60 €

Profilift 3D Lifting Treatment

“Lifting” effect, deep action and relaxation – the firming PROFILIFT TREATMENT ensures immediately visible and tangible results. In just 90 minutes, the skin is plumped up from within, wrinkles are reduced and the facial contours resculpted.

Professional face massages follow on from thorough cleansing: the effective combination of Far Eastern massage techniques inspired by “shiatsu” with a deep-acting connective tissue massage ensures that the skin is energised and toned and that the high-performance active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin, where they take targeted action to counter loss of skin firmness. The facial contours are newly defined and the texture of the skin is rejuvenated and toned.
90 minutes 50 €

Modelling Mask Treatment

MODELLING MASK TREATMENT, MARIA GALLAND’s classic, long-proven treatment based on a deep-acting, self-warming mineral mask, which is available in three variations: intense moisture, effective anti-ageing care and a regulating treatment for blemished skin. It not only offers a spectacular lifting effect but treats the highly diverse problems of each individual area of the skin. Cleansed skin is first of all prepared with a essence for the sculpting massage before “problem solvers” tailored to individual needs are applied to specific areas. The thermal effect of the subsequent mask optimises the infusion of the active ingredients and ensures extraordinary results: the skin feels toned and firmed. The complexion glows and looks years younger.
90 minutes 65 €

Modelling Eye Zone Treatment

The MODELLING EYE ZONE MASK treatment creates a radiant gaze. Hyaluronate essence rich in active ingredients is used to care for and smooth the delicate eye area – perfect for lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The mineral-rich algae mask then cools and refreshes the skin. You feel traces of stress and tiredness disappear. Puffiness and dark circles are clearly diminished. The eye area has a smooth and fresh youthful glow.
30 minutes 20 €